Adurolight attended the Autumn Hong Kong Lighting fair 2016 with smarter lighting.

During the Hong Kong autumn lighting fair, Adurolight showed her smart lighting concept to the public.

We gave a sneak preview of our Adurolight smart lights and our Adurosmart lighting ZigBee platform, our application and smart hub together with a wide range of smart dimming, colour and colour temperature re tuneable lights.

We were demonstrating a full smart lighting system which people could try out as they walked by.

Adurolight have been developing behind closed doors on this for the last 2 years, we believe that the lighting of tomorrow is wireless connected.

With the Adurosmart platform you can control ZigBee lights, change the colours and colour temperatures choose predefined scenes and play scenes according to a schedule.

Control with the Adurosmart app or with your voice through third party add on such as Amazon Alexa.

Control other ZigBee devices such as smart switches and controllers to control your Adurolight lights.

It is our masterpiece which our development teams behind the screens where busy with for a while.

Adurolight now has connected tuneable lighting, bulbs, spotlights, recessed and panels and it’s all using ZigBee technologies and is compliant with other ZigBee certified systems.

The public was amazed, thank you for your interest and we hope to see you next year.


Adurolight attended the LED Expo Benelux

The LED expo is the leading exhibition for LED lighting professionals in the Benelux combining three countries in one exhibition professionals from Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands came to see the latest in LED lightings.

Adurolight was there to see all these professionals.

We as Adurolight want to thank you for your visit and interest in our lighting products.

We hope to see you again.

Adurolight attended the electrical professional exhibition in the Netherlands.

Adurolight attended the electrical exhibition for professionals in the Netherlands. Here professionals came together to see the latest developments in the electrical installation world.

Adurolight showed her wide range of lighting luminaires and light sources and explained how we support our customers to brighten up the world.

Adurolight looks back at a successful exhibition in which we are thankful for your interest in Adurolight.

Adurolight visit Hong Kong lighting fair Spring edition 2016

Adurolight 16-04-16

Adurolight exhibited at the Hong Kong lighting fair Spring edition.

During the exhibition, we showed a wide range of products and we introduced a new concept of smart lighting.

We displayed;

Adurosmart Application to control your lights and create a world of options with your smartphone.

Colour tuneable smart panels and recessed commercial tuneable lighting with which you can create the desired atmosphere in your office.

Colour tuneable lamps and spotlights to adjust the colour and colour temperature according to your mood or time of day.

We got help from our European colleagues two of our representatives of Adurolight Europe joined us in answering questions about Adurolight products and service areas.

We thank you all for your interest in Adurolight and the interest you have showed in us.



Adurolight visit Hong Kong lighting fair autumn edition 2015

Adurolight attended LED the Autumn Hong Kong Lighting 2015

The Adurolight team with the Adurolight solutions and products attended the world famous Hong Kong Lighting fair 2015.

During the fair our team had the privilege to get to know a lot lighting of lighting professionals from different countries.

The Adurolight range was received with a lot of smiles.

Together with our dealers and partners around the world we hope to brighten your life.

We thank all the visitors for the compassion and interest they have shown in us, we hope to see you next year.


Adurolight attended the Hong Kong Spring Lighting Fair 2015.

Adurolight attended the Hong Kong Spring Lighting Fair 2015 April 6th to April 9th.

Our matching black and orange uniforms attracted a lot of attention from buyers and traders alike with many recognizing the dutch orange color and asking if we were a company from the Netherlands.

Not only did we have our sales team present but also we had 2 engineers present to answer new client’s technical and logistical questions.

Our  Light Display Show-cases which can be found around Europe at our dealers where at the exhibition showing our beautiful and bright, high quality and high lumen LED lights which made us one of the major attractions on our floor.

We were one of only several exhibitors displaying a wide range of LED lighting for all applications: Lamps, Indoor, Outdoor, Industrial, and Streetlights.

Our sales team, engineers where each engaging with different customers from around the world and answering their questions.

We met many new and interested clients and reconnected with old clients who were also at the fair. It was a lot of fun and a memorable, team building experience.

We will be attending the Hong Kong Autumn Fair next year again, see you there.

Adurolight attended LED Expo Benelux 2015

Adurolight attended LED Expo Benelux 2015

Adurolight attended the LED expo fair in the Netherlands from February 10th to February 12th at booth D5.

LED Expo Benelux is the largest special-interest LED trade fair of Benelux we as Adurolight Europe attended on the largest special-interest LED trade fair in the Benelux .

the LED Expo Benelux provides an overview of the current market situation and technical developments and innovations in LED lighting.

AduroLight was overwhelmed by the positive comments on the wide range of LED lighting products, we thank you for showing the interest in us and we hope that together we can make the world a brighter place.