About us

About us

Adurolight develops and manufactures the best lighting solutions with a more attractive, more efficient and more sustainable result. Our knowledge, dedication and innovative vigour enable us to create the best LED lighting with application possibilities in every living and working environment. Adurolight’s management team, with roots in Europe and Asia, puts the client in a central position in all its endeavours. Our company’s DNA inspires us to work in a market-driven fashion, to provide optimal service, and to only want to provide the best possible product. As a result, Adurolight has become a premium brand.

Our mission

To illuminate the world in a more beautiful, better and more efficient way with the exclusive use of sustainable LED lighting solutions. Solutions which contribute to a healthier environment and which continue to lower energy costs. We achieve this with the help of the latest technology and solutions in LED lighting, not merely through the supply of sustainable lighting with a high degree of energy efficiency, but also through offering lighting solutions which improve the living and working environment.

Sales and service organisation

Adurolight sales is always close to you:

Adurolight’s global branding office is located in Hong Kong.

Adurolight’s sales organisation for Western Europe is located in the Netherlands.

Adurlight’s’ sales organisation for greater China is located in Shenzhen China.

Adurolight’s sales organisation for the Americas is located in California


With a state of the art distribution centres, clients and dealers enjoy fast and efficient service with a comprehensive range of LED products, such as Adurolight tubes, pendant luminaires, panels, spotlights and line lighting. LED lighting products for indoor and outdoor use and for corporate clients and the retail market.


Brand values

We owe our existence to our high level of client satisfaction. Everyone in our organisation is aware of this. With a strong focus on innovation, dedication and perfection, we develop and manufacture the best lighting solutions and give shape to our organisation. LED that matters. Adurolight distinguishes between three core values:

  • innovation
  • dedication
  • perfection

Research & Development

Our R&D teams are spread over the continents where we hold office to make sure we have a solution that brings the best of all.

Product development teams: Lutten Netherlands

Product development teams: Orange county California

Product development teams: Shenzhen China


R&D hardware teams: Shenzhen China

R&D software teams: Shenzhen China

R&D software teams: Orange county California


From above locations or development teams work on product development, quality assurance and optimisation of our sustainable products on a daily basis.


New insights offer perspectives for the future. Test situations are constantly created and new research is conducted. The product range also renews itself on a constant basis. Products which improve your living and working environment permanently and provide a significant reduction to your energy costs. We continue to surprise you in this respect.

Certification & Qualification Labels

We subject all our products to extensive testing. We naturally do this internally, but we also have our quality tested by third parties. Our products comply with the requirements of well-known quality marks such as CE, RoHS, CB, SAA and TUV certifications.

Our manufacturing facility is ISO9001 certified and the productions are monitored.


The proof is in the fact that Adurolight truly sets itself apart, by offering a 5-year warranty, or 50,000 hours, on the High Quality LED lighting, and in view of the fact that the power factor surpasses 0.95 for all products. Warranty, service and reliability at the highest level. Adurolight – LED that matters.