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Adurolight introduces: the Beltine IP67 tube line light.

Adurolight introduces the Beltine IP67 tube line light.

The new Beltine comes with its revolutionary yet logical design that takes away the need for a separate fixture to put a light tube in.

Line light: It is a light tube that doesn’t require any fixture and can be connected continuesly in straight lines.

Waterproof: the Beltine is water and ingress proof (IP67).

HACCP: no glass or able to be shattered components are used, this makes the Beltine ideal for use in the food industry.

Easy to clean: the Beltine is a PC tube that easy to clean because of the standard tube shape and its smooth surface you can use a wet cloth or put high pressure on it to clean it.

Protection: the casing is made of polycarbonate without any metal parts coming out on the surface this makes it protected against corrosion in situations where there are chemicals in the air such as ammonia or salt.

Easy to install: thanks to it being a tube and wire it is easy to install use the holders to click it on a surface or use the hanging wires to install it as a pending luminaire.

Brightness: thanks to selected LED bins the Beltine has an optimal lumen efficiency of 150 lumens per watt which gives it a A+ label.

The colour rendering index: colours in under this light will look vibrant and alive thanks to its high colour rendering index of >80.

Ideal for the food processing industry, agricultural industry and chemical industries.

Easy to install, easy to clean and resistant against outside influences.

A tube and a luminaire in one, why buy a separate fixture and a sepparate tube;

If you have the Beltine you don’t need to anymore.

For more information on the Beltine: click here

Adurolight attended the Autumn Hong Kong Lighting fair 2016 with smarter lighting.

During the Hong Kong autumn lighting fair, Adurolight showed her smart lighting concept to the public.

We gave a sneak preview of our Adurolight smart lights and our Adurosmart lighting ZigBee platform, our application and smart hub together with a wide range of smart dimming, colour and colour temperature re tuneable lights.

We were demonstrating a full smart lighting system which people could try out as they walked by.

Adurolight have been developing behind closed doors on this for the last 2 years, we believe that the lighting of tomorrow is wireless connected.

With the Adurosmart platform you can control ZigBee lights, change the colours and colour temperatures choose predefined scenes and play scenes according to a schedule.

Control with the Adurosmart app or with your voice through third party add on such as Amazon Alexa.

Control other ZigBee devices such as smart switches and controllers to control your Adurolight lights.

It is our masterpiece which our development teams behind the screens where busy with for a while.

Adurolight now has connected tuneable lighting, bulbs, spotlights, recessed and panels and it’s all using ZigBee technologies and is compliant with other ZigBee certified systems.

The public was amazed, thank you for your interest and we hope to see you next year.