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New: Lineo class II heavy duty IP66 LED batten.

ADUROLIGHT product launch: Lineo.

The Lineo: the water and ingress protected batten (IP66) that is protected against heavy impact (IK10).

Design: we designed the Lineo as the ultimate LED batten that maintains optimal functional in every environment.

Thermal efficiency: the Lineo main base is made of pure extruded aluminium this results in an overall lower temperature which gives the Lineo a longer life-expectation than its equal fixtures (L70B80).

Vandalism proof: the Lineo luminaire is vandal proof (IK10), making them perfect for applications where the possibility of vandalism is high. Such as subway stations, stairwells, hallways, schools etc. 

Water proof: The Lineo is IP66 and is protected against water and ingress.

Light source: by using the highest quality LED bins the lineo gives optimal brightness and a long during life.

High colour index: the new Lineo has a colour index that is higher than >80 which makes the light look natural.

Optics: the Lineo is available in two different optics 1. clear optic 100° 2. opal optic 120° to use the right optics with the right fixture.

Adjustable angle: the Lineo is designed with an angle that can be adjusted this could help you position the and project the light on the required area.

Class II luminaire: the Lineo is a class II luminaire, which means they are designed and constructed so that protection against electric shock does not rely on basic insulation only. This has been achieved by means of reinforced/double insulation, which means no provision for grounding is provided or needed.

Installation options: the Lineo can be installed as a surface mounted luminaire as well as a pending luminaire.

The new Lineo comes with a 5 years’ factory warranty, we believe in quality!

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