The new Firmio: feel the difference!

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The new Firmio: feel the difference!

ADUROLIGHT launched the renewed Firmio floodlight.

The new Firmio: feel and see the difference.

Longer lifetime: By using 3030 SMD LED instead of COB chips we increased the thermal spread resulting in a lower chip temperature  which gives the lamp a longer lifetime.

Increase lumens: by using the highest quality LED bins and chips we increased the overall lumen efficiency.

Better color index: the new Firmio has a color index higher than 80 which makes it ideal for indoor light projections as well as outdoor projections.

Resistant casing: The Firmio casing is made of pure aluminum and covered with a thick powder coating to make sure it lasts through the worst of weathers and situations.

IP65: The new Firmio is fully IP65 we insure this using our own developed high quality casing and sealings to protect also against condensation the power driver is fully glued into a casing.

Smart sensing: The new Firmio comes standalone and with a PIR motion sensor with pre defined timer that makes the Firmio smarter and switch on uppon movement detection.

The new Firmio comes with a 5 years factory warranty, we believe in quality!

For more information on the standard Firmio: click here

For more information on the motion sensing Firmio: click here

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